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Welcome to my new web site powered by SmugMug.  I have photo content on Instagram (elsdvm90), flickr and Facebook (Sandhill Images), there are  links to those on the front page.

My interests are wildlife and nature, especially birds (including captive birds and other animals) and also live music, musicians, vehicles and travel/landscape. A few personal projects (like a graffiti folder) will find their way here as well as the occasional business/commercial project. Contact me for questions, licensing, prints. I am based in South Florida.

My training as a veterinarian as well as a Master's degree in Avian Sciences, moving to South Florida with all its wonderful bird life, and a lifelong love of photography got me here. I am interested in behavior, interaction, feeding, courtship, and movement. I also photograph captive animals (I always indicate captive status in photo descriptions), either pets or animals in private collections and/or breeding facilities when asked or given an opportunity. Back in the 1980's and beyond, I photographed countless numbers of exotic species of veterinary patients as well as veterinary surgical and other procedures for use in lectures by my veterinary mentors in Los Angeles. These were all shot with 35mm slide film and an old Canon A-1 with a 50mm macro rigand a  ring flash. Lots of manual exposure calculations! These types of shoots are also challenging in different wayswhen  compared to wild animals. I travel as often as I can to seek birds and wildlife here in Florida as well as other locations and will continue to do so. 

Music: I have been photographing live music concerts and musicians on and off since the early 1970's and have taken a renewed interest in this in the last few years as my wife and I are performing musicians as are so many of our friends here in South Florida. The album entitled "The Lovely Linda" is devoted to photographs of her during live performances in various projects and impromptu jams. There are many photo albums here of the various musicians I have photographed, some regularly, some well known, others local.  I am an avid photographer of musicians playing live and also off-stage, including publicity photos. I try to emphasize emotion and intensity, action, interaction between band members and also with the audience, and also pick flattering images that make everyone look good! That's what it's all about, right? I try to avoid over-processing although sometimes some added processing zing can be beneficial to the image if the stage lighting is interesting or if it is very challenging.  Sometimes black and white is the only way to present an image when the stage lighting is virtually impossible to deal with.

Black and white: I love black and white photography. I spent many years shooting  black and white films in various formats and ASA speeds as well as printing my own images in a darkroom in the pre-digital dark ages. I still have a number of film cameras in 35mm and medium format (6x7 and 6x6) and use them occasionally when I can find the time. I love them and wish I had more time for film photography, both color and black and white. When I can't shoot film I do some black and white conversions of my digital images. I spend quite a bit of time on my black and white conversions to try to give them the dark blacks, contrast, tonal range and overall look that makes black and white so wonderful.

Training, background and gear: For gear I am mainly a Canon user although I have used some Sony mirrorless equipment and a variety of film cameras.  I have been a photographer since, as a teenager, my wonderful father taught me how to expose, develop and print film images in several formats, starting with manual cameras such as Kodak Retina, Rolleiflex, and Leica rangefinder. I still have all the thousands of negatives and prints he left behind. I studied still photography at NYU film school while I was attending college there in the 1970's and have been shooting photos off and on since then. I do attend photo workshops and seminars when I can.  I use Lightroom as my main post-processing software, and have become an avid fan of the Topaz editing suite which blends with Lightroom nicely. Also I sometimes use other add-ins including the Nik suite. I use  Photoshop sparingly mostly because I find it so intimidating.  Printing at home is done on an Epson Surecolor P800 which produces beautiful results. I sell prints made at home and also sell custom prints on various media made by a contract printer. Most popular media are canvas, acrylic and aluminum. Each has its pros and cons and place. I can make custom prints in almost any size on any media. 

All photos are my property and cannot be reproduced or used for any commerical purpose without my express permission.